Inspired by the writing of
Edgar Allan Poe

  • Portrait of Edgar and Virginia Poe
  • Poe at the edge of the abyss
  • Poe at Virginia's deathbed
  • Virginia Poe farewell
  • Poe delirium
  • Poe on the beach_1

The Poe Project

About the Poe Project

Welcome to an ever-expanding assemblage of art, inspired by the life and works of Edgar Allan Poe. The project currently includes “Poe: The Delirious Eye”, (a spoken word poetry album with soundscapes); “The Raven-Winged Hours”, (an operatic scene with text based on Poe’s life and afterlife); and a series of videos and animations, (with soundtracks from the spoken word album). On this site you will also find a special hypnotic induction video, which can take you to a dreamlike altered state of consciousness, where you may experience the art more deeply. I intend to keep creating new pieces of the project, and each part will also interact with other parts in a feature-length film and live performances. Coming soon will be daily illustrations of text from Poe’s stories and poems, suitable for framing. Please enjoy the audio, video and imagery here, and come back again to find new works being added to the project.
Blue Bliss

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